Come, Follow Me As A Teacher

Jesus spoke many things to them in parables. Matthew 13:3a

Jesus teaches others to think. He uses stories that people understand and don’t understand at the same time. These parables are so earthly, yet also profound. It’s as though He dresses His lessons in stories and challenges their thinking in parables. Jesus was not a teacher that allows His students to remain complacent. He constantly challenges them to growth and faith in God. He is a teacher that grows others!

We can be confident that there is no dull moment as we come and follow our Lord Jesus. An exciting life awaits us today as He grows and challenges us. Our lives become parables of contradiction which God will unravel for His glory. It is akin to bedtime stories we heard when we were young. Yet, these bedtime stories is not just about the story. More so, it’s the time we spent with our mommy and daddy that makes these stories life-changing.

Prayer:Our Father, You have a parable for me today. Open the eyes of my heart to see Your lessons.