1 Samuel 4:21-22
“And she named the child Ichabod… And she said, The glory is departed from Israel: for the ark of God is taken.”
The name Ichabod, meaning “the glory has departed” does not gives a true picture of what happened. The glory did not depart from Israel because the Philistines took the ark of God away. As a matter of fact, the story shows the capturing of the ark of God brought more glory to the God of Israel.
When the Philistines carried the ark of God into the temple of their god; Dagon fell on his face, his head, his hands were broken off, and his body lay on the ground before the ark of God. The people were cursed. Sickness, diseases, and death broke out on them. They returned the ark of God with apology, sacrifices, and gifts. You see, we can’t fight for God. We can’t protect Him. He does not require our help to be God. No one and nothing intimidates Him. He knows how to take glory in all situations.
There was no use to be religious about the ark made with wood. How I wish the daughter-in-law of Eli knew this; she would have wept when the sons of Eli were messing around in the house of God. Thank God, God is no longer in the “box”. He has moved. He now lives in us by His Holy Spirit. We are His living ark that carries His glory- all His fullness and blessing. You cannot be molested. The glory of God on you terrifies your enemy. If Dagon fell before the wooden “Box”, surely, whatever represents Dagon will fall before you. You are God’s living ark. You manifest the glory of God.

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