Follow: A Matter Of Obedience

If we can come to a place of honesty, we are following someone at any given time. As children, we follow our parents or caregivers. In school, we follow our teachers and instructors. As citizens, we follow the laws of the land. In our private lives, we follow ourselves, our rules, our understanding of the world. Jesus knew this to be the reality even during his time. His invitation is radical because He asks you and I to follow someone else, to follow someone we have never followed before.

His radical invitation is an invitation to trust Him. He invites you and I to let Him into our lives. God’s intimacy is not superficial. It is deeper than our closest friendships and relationships. But it is a relationship that is up to you. God’s love for you is His gift that you allows you to freely respond.

Prayer:O Lord God, our doubts and cynicism gets the best of us. I want to trust You with all that I am but I do not know how. Help me to receive and respond to your invitation. You can do it!