The I will of I will make you fishers of men

“Come, follow Me, Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4:19

As we give our whole self to God, it is His WILL ____. Many miss this part of the invitation because of our mistrust that God will fulfil His promises in His word. To come and to follow Christ whilst distrusting Him will not make anyone fishers of men. Do not be disheartened if this is the case because everyone begins somewhere.

With God, we always begin with Christ. We begin with the One who says “He will”. He did not say, “I might”. Nor did He say, “I will if…”. It is certain – He will. It is not unsure as though it were a building built on sand. It is as sure as the Word spoken to create the world.

The assurance of what Jesus will do is itself God’s response to our coming and following Him. Our obedience grows our trust in God. Welcome to the paradox of God’s kingdom.

Prayer:Our Father, our disobedience fuels our disbelief. Alas, You have shown us that our obedience grows our faith! Grow our faith by Your Spirit.